Nashville Flood 2010

In light of the recent flooding in Nashville, I was discouraged about the lack of national attention we were getting – not in want for glamor or sensationalism, but for aid.  Here is a video I created in the hopes of spreading awareness of the “Thousand Year Flood.”

Job application for ORNL Credit Union:

In March 2010, I applied for the Young & Free spokesperson position at ORNL Credit Union in Knoxville, TN.  The application required a video, blog post, and any other extras available. I didn’t land the job, but I worked quite hard on developing a total package to woo the judges.  Here is the application video and a blooper reel:

LifeWay News:

Private Lives Show Promotion:

I was the PR Chair and starred in Hannah Oliver’s senior production, Private Lives.  Here is a promo video I created to share with the campus via Facebook.

BoBo Show:

Andrew Glibbery:

Exclusive: Prefreshman Visitation Day

Jordan Esparza, Alison Winstead, Amber Hamblin:


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