At C-N, I received a B.A. in communications and I am seeking a career in this field .  I worked incredibly hard during school to achieve the experience I would need to excel in the communication field.  The four ways I did this was through theater, communications practicum, Bonners and my volunteer experience.


Even though I did not major in theater, I was a very active Thespian (and I mean literally, I have the card to prove it).  I enjoy acting immensely, but also took this opportunity to gain a little PR practice.  I ran the PR efforts for five shows alone (with a small college and an even smaller theater department, that was expected).  I created show posters, a promotional video, Facebook events, mass e-mails and worked with community partners to promote the shows. These great opportunities gave me the chance to learn our community, how to collaborate with faculty and college guidelines and how to work with clients (the directors).

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Orange and Blue

As a communications major, I had to complete practicum hours.  I chose to fulfill this requirement with involvement in the Orange and Blue, C-N’s school newspaper.  I was on staff full time for a semester, and I freelanced for a year and a half after my practicum was complete.  This experience taught me how to work with three different editors, and organize, plan and execute story ideas.  This was my first taste of journalism, and I fell in love.  To hold someone’s story in your hands and truthfully portray it to the rest of the world is a great responsibility.  One that I hold very seriously.


Lastly, my experience as a Bonner, in particular as the senior intern, gave me incredible experience with organizational communications as well as with PR.  The Bonner Scholars Program, a community service scholarship organization, is an exclusive program of 60 students, and four full time staff members.  As a Bonner at Carson-Newman, I completed 10 hours of community service a week, attended one meeting a week along with specialized monthly meetings,  and took two classes specifically for Bonners.  My senior year, I was chosen as the senior intern, a once coveted role in the program.  During my sophomore year, our director left, and left the program an emotional wreck.  I decided to take on the internship with the goals of reconnection within the program itself.

I created the BoBo Show and the BoBo Info with the hopes of networking, communication, community building, and training.  The BoBo Show was a short show consisting of me interviewing one Bonner a week (the BoBo of the Week), and asking them pertinent questions to Bonner life and questions of nonsense and fun.  I uploaded these videos to and would then notify our Bonners through an e-mail.

The Bonner program at C-N was under a lot of scrutiny, and the BoBo Show helped keep us above water.  I was recognized at the Bonner Student Leadership Institute in Florida this past summer for my efforts with community building through my talents of video and communication.

On top of our social media efforts, I conducted meetings, helped organize a new system of weekly meetings, helped plan the yearly calender, planned events, mentored to our students, organized time sheets and paperwork, maintained the Bonner office, helped keep the sanity and did your usual intern grunt work.  It was wonderful.

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LifeWay Christian Resources

I have interned at LifeWay‘s communications department the past two summers.  Last summer, I was the videographer for the department and also held editorial responsibilities.

This summer, I continued the video and writing, but took on the role as manager for LifeWay News social media outlets.  I tweet for us on Twitter and manage our LifeWay News Facebook fan page.  At the beginning of the summer, we had a little over 200 fans on our Facebook fan page, and we currently have over 800.  We have also doubled the amount of individuals following us on Twitter.

I previously used my own resources of editing (Sony Vegas) and LifeWay’s Flip cameras to produce news videos, but this summer the department has purchased a Sony A1U, lavaliere mics, and other equipment to help me produce high quality news videos.  We also have Final Cut Express.  I’m a fast learner and proficient with technology.  I taught myself how to use all these things.

Volunteer Experience

Community Connections

CommConn is a student led service organization that focused on connecting students with service opprotunities within the community.  I was their public relations chair for two years and my main focus was to get the word of CommConn and our highlighted organizations out to the public.  I was responsible for a tri-fold board in the student activities center, a montly newsletter, and general public outreach.  We held various drives throughout the year and with our outreach efforst, we helped the community greatly.


As a YOKE Folk, I helped to mentor middle school students weekly. We planned weekly after school meetings with the kids, and went on one weekend retreat a semester with them.  I served there for a year and though it was challenging, I enjoyed the enriching time I had with the middle schoolers.

Conversation Partner

As part of Carson-Newman’s ELI (English Language Institute) program, a mentoring program for the exchange students is offered.  When I first moved in, I discovered my next door neighbor was from Taiwan and was in the program.  We immediately became friends and I was overjoyed that I could serve her in the conversation partner program.  For two years, we would meet once a week to review homework, grocery shop (since she didn’t have a car) and to immerse her in the American culture.  What she may have not known is that she was really immersing me in the Taiwanese culture, and into her wonderful life.  I prepared banana bread for her and she prepared octopus soup.  The exchange was wonderful.  Her quiet strength helped push me to success in college and I miss her dearly.

Trinity Performing Arts

I volunteered at Trinity Performing Arts for a year in the theater section.  I was the assitant director for two shows and helped teach class once a week.  This position helped to teach me how to prepare lesson plans, lead and manage other individuals.  The kids were cute and the experience was helpful in preparing me for my role as the Bonner senior intern.

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  1. Cindy said

    Your website is AWESOME! Good luck with the job hunting. I love you.

  2. ricmunoz said

    Nice work 😉
    you are very talented keep going and God bless you 😀

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